Monday, February 12, 2007

New art everyday

New Images from the artists of the Redlight show will be posted here everyday along with a statement about the piece from the artist.
These are all copyright protected by the artists but I'm sure you will enjoy them. Please leave your comments about them. Good or Bad we all like to here what our work means to other people.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

From innocence to Venus brothels and cat houses who would have guessed?

Brothels and art.

Have you ever thought about the cat houses / brothels in Nevada. The ladies that work at them or the art that is on the walls?
There is a group of nationally renowned artists that are setting up a show about this very thing.
It is in the preproduction stages of a short film that profiles some of these ladies as models for paintings, photographs and sculpture. (The art will travel with the show)
The show From innocence to Venus is set for an opening in June of 2007 in Reno, Nevada and is already picking up quite a bit of interest.
I've even heard talk about several big news shows and daytime TV shows wanting to do a segment about it.
For those of you who would like to see it but can't find the time to make it to Reno / Lake Tahoe it is scheduled to travel to Los Angles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York so keep your eyes peeled for when it will show up in your area.

I'll post here again when I find out more of the details.

Monday, December 18, 2006

This is the photobucket show

This slide show was created using photobucket

Something from Myspace

Saturday, November 18, 2006

How many artists out there have used this art marketing resource? is a very good way to get your art out to the general public. They also offer printing on demand for your collectors. Though some of its aspects are similar to the Omnistic Art guild it doesn't have the backlinks the guild offers. To get a well rounded flow of traffic to your art web site or blog I suggest using them both.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Omnistic Art Guild

Have you ever heard of the Omnistic Art Guild ?
Well here is the coolest art and artist promoting resource I have ever seen. It is bran new and there is nothing like it on the web anywhere. I have seen a lot of art sites, gallery sites and artists promotion websites and none of them even come close to doing what this group of artists have put together.
They have built an entire huge matrix of art marketing tools including thousands of sites with the members art randomly rotating in window portals on each one. Its free to join, so if you want to register click this link Omnistic Art Guild registration if you would like to see one of the portal pages click here How to Market your art work
I hope you check this out soon if you are an artist. If you are a patron or collector visit the site they are some of the top artists of today Omnistic Art Guild

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

NOT the Emperior's New Clothes

Not The Emperor's New Clothes.

Personally I believe that being an artist is the pinnacle of humanity. Mastering the ability to speak to everyone through a universal medium no matter what corner of the Earth they are from is an awesome responsibility. When you think about it, every culture is defined by its artists. What we retain and gather, as a history is generally known through the art left by that society. Whether it is the paintings left on the walls of the buried bathhouses in Pompey or the hieroglyphics and fine artifacts left in the tombs of pharos to insure a gratifying afterlife. Art is the one thing that speaks to everyone. Art transcends time and ties us all together as the human race.

I don t believe that I chose to become an artist, I believe it chose me. Drawing, painting and sculpting have been with me from the time I was first able to think. And it s taken me a lifetime to refine this talent. That being said, there is nothing else I d rather do, it consumes me. However it s not easy. Making a living as an artist is hard work. Not just monetarily, but conveying a message by taking inanimate material and bringing it to life as something uniquely you, and then placing it in a public forum for others enjoyment, dismay or total disgust is not for the weak at heart. In fact for someone not granted an Artistic License the ability to not care if they re going off and doing something other than what everyone else likes or wants is cause for most people to seek professional help!

There is something out there for everyone, but I do feel there is good art and bad art.

Art by David DoryGood art provokes emotion and thought. It will carry you into another time or place. It will allow the viewer to contemplate the world around them, readjust their present point of view, take them into a fantasy, and cause them to remember things they ve forgotten, and / or see things they have never imagined.

Bad art, well it s forgotten by the viewer in the amount of time that it takes them to look at something else. Some shit probably painted to go with the sofa and requires an elaborate story to convince them that this is what everyone else is getting at that moment.

The bulk of my art is done in an omnistic style. In a nut shell omnistic art incorporates the styles of surrealism, cubism, abstract, landscape, figure study, and art d'illusion d'optique into a single painting.

In many of my paintings, well more specifically the sand dune type, I teach the viewer to look at not just art but the people around them and their own lives with more of an open view. At first glance they may only see an abstract or cubistic landscape. I want them to look deeper and see what s underneath. The subtle curves of a female nude, an enduring embrace that society tends to shun or shy away from, a childhood fantasy that was wrenched away from us as we climbed the ladder from grade school to high school to collage to the corporate world. I want to enable everyone that looks at my work to be able to escape into a private sanctuary where there is always more to life than what we see at first glance. And if even one viewer can remember this than I have changed the world.

I would truly like to know what your opinion of my work is, good or bad. Sign my guest book at my online gallery.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


With all the talk about who should stay and who should go, as far as illegal aliens. This kind of sums up my opinion.
We should change our national bird to the Bald IllEagle.
It's not indigenous to the United States BUT it is frequently seen flying over the border.
To see this remarkable animal click on the title link and then post your opinion here for all to see.

This is the first of hopefully many interesting topics.